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Why Choose Chatfield Dental Braces?
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  • Jun 04, 2021

Why Choose Chatfield Dental Braces?

If you’ve decided to straighten your crooked teeth or correct a misalignment, choosing the right dental practice for your treatment will play a vital role in achieving your desired result.

Here are a few reasons why Chatfield Dental Braces is the right dental practice to choose for your treatment and why you should trust us to help you transform your smile.  

UK-based specialist orthodontists

We have specialist orthodontists who oversee all steps involved in transforming our patients’ smile. Our orthodontic team have been carefully handpicked based on their caring personalities and expertise.

Orthodontists are specialist dentists who have received extra three years of training in orthodontics treatment. They are experienced and have the expertise needed to provide excellent teeth-straightening results.

Wide-range of braces and treatments

Some dental practices offer only a few treatments, and if you decide to go with an online teeth-straightening option, you will be limited to clear aligners.  

Different braces are available, and they are best suited for different lifestyles and cases – our dental practice offers a wide range of teeth-straightening options. We have clear aligners, hidden lingual braces, metal and clear braces. Our orthodontist will examine your teeth and offer you options that would best suit your case and lifestyle.

Several happy patients

Our dental practice has been operating for more than 15 years, and we have helped many patients achieve their perfect smile. We also have certified Invisalign providers with advanced clear aligner treatment technology.  

You can visit our website for before and after photos of our past Invisalign patients. Our patients’ reviews are also available and proof of our excellent services.  

Free contouring and whitening

Our braces treatment cost includes all you need to have an attractive smile. We also provide teeth contouring and whitening in our standard braces treatment.

Home teeth whitening is a common treatment after braces to leave the teeth whiter and brighter. Teeth contouring also gives a better-looking smile because it involves reshaping the teeth to improve their appearance. These treatments combined with braces will provide you with your desired smile.  

Removable and fixed retainers

After your braces treatment, you have to wear retainers to ensure your teeth remain in their aligned positions, so we include removable and fixed braces in our standard orthodontic treatment.

Fixed retainers have a thin wire which the orthodontist will attach behind the front teeth. Removable retainers are similar to Invisalign aligners – they fit over the teeth to hold them in their newly aligned positions. After a while, you may need to wear your removable aligners only at night.

Evening and weekend appointments

Your braces or clear aligners treatment would require check-ups every 6 – 8 weeks. Our practice remains open in early mornings, at weekends, and evenings to ensure your appointments do not interfere with your school or work.  We also offer a free video consultation so you can get your treatment started from home.  

Interest-free payment options

During your initial consultation for orthodontic treatment, we will inform you of your treatment cost and different payment options. If you can’t afford an upfront payment, you can pay for your treatment over 6 – 60 months.

We have several finance plans, including no deposits and interest-free options.  

Affordable prices and special savings

We are a popular orthodontic practice in London and benefit from economies of scale, so our prices are competitive.

Our invisible braces treatment starts from £2000, including all appointments, braces, retainers, contouring and whitening.  

Complimentary consultations

We offer a free video consultation where we can answer all your questions, and we can schedule a free assessment if you want to start your treatment. We won’t charge you for these services but provide you with the necessary information to decide your orthodontic treatment.

You can call us now on 020 7183 4041 to schedule an appointment for your orthodontic treatment or know more about the special Invisalign offers at Chatfield Dental Braces.

Recent Google Reviews


reviews-starGreat service from the team. Needed some emergency filling and was given same day appointment. The practice is clean and well kept. Dentist and dental nurse were awesome. I will be registering with the practice and use then for my routine check ups and any dental work that needs doing!


Alison A

a month ago


reviews-starOne of the greatest Invisalign provider in London, Dr Pakan was so honest and clear about the cost. I’ve got my Invisalign treatment with monthly plan it was around £25 a month. Reception was great, I was late during my treatment and Suze helped me to get the latest appointment to see the Dr Pakan.


Ali Abbaszadeh

3 months ago


reviews-starI finally completed my treatment plan. So happy with my smile. Dr Pakan was amazing and done the best plan with Invisalign treatment for me. I've got all the payment on monthly basis with 0% APR. I didn't expect the cost to be easier than I thought. Suze was helpful and friendly at the reception.


Ella Daisy

9 months ago


reviews-starI have just finished my Invisalign course with Chatfield Dental Braces. I loved the fact that the braces were invisible and no one at work noticed I was wearing them. It was also very good to be able to take them out for cleaning and eating and for my wedding!


Hannah Jones

3 years ago


reviews-starVery friendly staff and service


jamie seamer

2 Weeks ago

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