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Veneers are a common dental restoration for chipped, gapped, protruding, crooked, discoloured and uneven teeth. These thin covers are quickly attached to the front surface of the teeth to cover imperfections. If you want dental veneers from a trusted, reliable and experienced dentist in London, Chatfield Dental Braces Clinic is the right place for you. Our veneers will improve your natural teeth and enhance your overall look.

Types of dental veneers

Three types of dental veneers are available at Chatfield Dental Braces Clinic. They include;

Lumineer veneer
Porcelain veneers
Composite veneer

Why get dental veneers?

Dental veneers are suitable in different situations and may be the best solution depending on your desired result. You can use veneers for the following.

  • 01

    Change the colour of the teeth

    Your teeth can gradually become yellow or brown. The discolouration may occur naturally or due to drinking coffee, smoking, or taking certain medications. Regardless of why you have discoloured teeth and if the conventional teeth whitening treatments aren't working, you can opt for dental veneers.

  • 02

    Cover chipped teeth

    Small, noticeable chips on your teeth may have no adverse medical effect, but most people feel self-conscious about their chipped teeth, which may prevent smiling or speaking. If you have chipped teeth, you can cover the teeth up with veneers and restore your self-confidence.

  • 03

    Change the size or shape of your teeth

    Some teeth are naturally smaller, larger or shorter than others. In this case, you can attach veneers to the teeth to make them even for a more appealing appearance.

  • 04

    Improve alignment

    Although braces are a common option for correcting irregular teeth, you can easily fit dental veneers if you don't want braces. However, orthodontic treatment is often the better option for younger patients for correcting teeth misalignment and removing gaps because fitting veneers require removing healthy enamel, which isn't reversible.

  • 05

    Repair teeth damage resulting from bruxism

    Bruxism, commonly called teeth grinding, is a condition involving teeth grinding, usually during sleep. Over time, teeth grinding reduced the enamel, exposing the inner tooth structure. Fitting porcelain dental veneers can restore the appearance of the teeth and prevent sensitivity to cold and hot drinks and food.

Advantages of dental veneers

Permanent solution

Veneers can last 10 – 15 years with proper maintenance and a good oral hygiene routine.

Strong and long-lasting

Veneers are custom-made from a durable material that allows you to eat any food without damaging your teeth.

Increase confidence level

Improving your smile with veneers helps make you feel more confident about your appearance.

Improve smile

The dentist will take your teeth impressions and send them to the lab to make custom veneers which improve your teeth' appearance and smile.

Suitable with other dental procedures

You can combine getting veneers with other dental procedures. For example, some people undergo teeth whitening to remove discolouration and stains, then get veneers for whiter and brighter teeth.

Simple and quick procedure

You can get dental veneers within two dental appointments.

Stain resistant

Dental veneers are not susceptible to staining, meaning you can maintain your white teeth even if you drink red wine, coffee and tea.

Cosmetic benefits

Dental veneers can improve the look of chipped, stained, broken, misaligned or uneven teeth. Many people get veneers and fit them on the front teeth for cosmetic reasons.

Short recovery period

After the dental veneer procedure, you can leave the clinic and resume regular activities.

Dental veneer fitting procedure

Your preferred veneer material and desired outcome will determine the process of the veneer fitting. For example, correcting a tooth colour is straightforward and needs less time than fixing a misaligned or chipped tooth.

Forming and shaping composite veneers is possible as the dentist applies it, but if you need porcelain veneers, the dentist will take your teeth impressions and send them to the lab, which takes longer.

The fitting process

When you visit Chatfield Dental Braces Clinic, our dentist will explain the fitting process and your expected result.

The fitting process often starts with the dentist taking your teeth impressions, and an x-ray may be necessary to confirm your existing teeth condition. The dentist may also check for gum disease or tooth decay before the preparatory work.

Our dentist can apply composite veneers in one visit if you opt for composite veneers. This will involve roughening the tooth surface by applying acid, and then the dentist will apply an adhesive to the tooth. Our dentist will gradually apply the composite material in thin layers to achieve the desired shape, then cure the paste at each stage with a special lamp. If you are happy with the result, the dentist will polish and smoothen the surface to give a natural-looking result.

The dentist will first remove a thin layer of enamel for porcelain veneers. The size of the enamel removed will be the same as the size of the veneer our dentist will apply. Reducing the size of the enamel is common, but it isn't a compulsory step, as some veneers do not require enamel removal.

After the enamel removal, the dentist will file the teeth to smoothen them and take an impression to make the veneers. You will get temporary veneers until the permanent veneers are available from the lab.

Before fitting the veneer, our dentist will clean your tooth, roughen the surface of the veneer and tooth with acid, and then apply adhesive to keep the veneer in place.

How long do dental veneers last?

The longevity of a dental veneer depends mostly on the veneer's material and the type of veneer. All veneers are strong and can withstand the pressure of biting and chewing. A durable dental veneer can last for up to 20 years.

Aftercare for dental veneers

After fitting dental veneers, the following is necessary.

How long do Invisalign results last?

Invisalign results can last a lifetime. We recommend wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign, to prevent your teeth from gradually returning to their previous position. We will inform you of the right retainers to preserve your Invisalign result.

  • Floss daily
  • Brush your teeth with a high-quality toothbrush and change the toothbrush regularly
  • Book regular appointments with your dentist for proper teeth cleaning
  • Use mouthwash or a dental spray regularly
  • Avoid smoking, as tobacco can easily stain your teeth
  • Composite veneers are more likely to stain than the porcelain options, so clean your teeth after taking wine, coffee and tea.

Cost of dental veneers?

The cost of dental veneers varies depending on several factors, such as the extent of treatment needed, the material used for the veneer and the type of veneer. After your consultation with our dentist, you can get an accurate quote for your veneer treatment.

You can contact Chatfield Dental Braces Clinic on 020 7183 404 for more information on our dental veneer treatment or to book an appointment with our experienced dentist to fit a dental veneer.

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a month ago


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reviews-starVery friendly staff and service


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