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Dental Hygienist in London

At Chatfield Braces, we have some of the most skilled and dedicated dental hygienists in London to provide you with a multitude of professional teeth cleaning procedures. We try to get rid of both surface stains and plaques from your teeth. The procedures involve scaling and polishing and prove effective to prevent gum disease. The professional teeth cleaning procedures that we offer help maintaining sound oral hygiene.

Advice from a skilled and experienced dental hygienist is crucial to maintain optimum oral health. Please feel free to book your appointment with our dental hygienist today to start your journey toward an overall healthy, plaque and disease-free life. Rest assured that your visits to the Chatfield Braces will be ceaselessly comfortable and relaxed. Considering your hectic schedule we are open also on Saturdays.

Dental Hygienist – Chatfield Dental Braces

Most effective professional teeth cleaning and dental hygiene procedures we offer

Flash Pearl Polish and Scaling – this is a popular and standard dental hygiene treatment that relies on an airflow machine to remove stains from your teeth. A fine air polishing powder is used in this method to get rid of heavy stains caused by years of habitual smoking. It also removes the stains caused by drinking coffee or tea. This ultrasonic cleaning procedure provides satisfactory results and is suitable for those who have sensitive teeth.

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Basic tips for sound dental hygiene

During your appointment with our dental hygiene, team members you will get personalised advice on taking proper care of your teeth and your gums. The aim of our dental hygienists will be to help every patient enhance their oral health at home, and to help you achieve the smile you always wanted.

The oral hygiene team will cover relevant topics such as:

  • How to use dental floss optimally
  • How to properly use a toothbrush
  • What toothbrush is right for you

Routine checkups by our trained and qualified hygienists ensure your mouth is free from plaque build-ups while the teeth and the gums are strong and healthy.

Why choose our dental hygienist in London?

Dental hygienists at Chatfield Braces help you on various aspects related to maintaining an overall healthy mouth free from plaque and diseases including the following –

  • Effective prevention of gum disease or gingivitis
  • How to brush and floss the teeth the right way
  • Prevention of halitosis or bad breath
  • The equation existing between gum disease, oral health issues, and chronic heart disease
Why Choose our Hygienist - Chatfield Dental

Dental hygiene FAQ

  • What are the easy tips for complete oral hygiene?

The basic and the simple tips for thorough dental hygiene include the following –

  • Brush and floss the teeth every day
  • Proper cleaning of the tongue is essential every day
  • Maintain a balanced diet round the year
  • Visit your dentist for routine checkups
  • Keep regular appointments with your dental hygienist for thorough cleaning of your mouth
  • Avoid sticky, sugary, and coloured foods and drinks as much as possible
  • Rinse the mouth well with an antibacterial mouthwash once daily
  • Quit smoking as well as any other form of tobacco consumption

  • How poor oral hygiene affects general health?

Poor oral hygiene is known to trigger serious health issues. If you neglect proper brushing every day you not only become prone to dental health issues like tooth cavities, bad breath, and such other problems but also suffer from an increased risk of developing chronic heart disease, high blood sugar or diabetes, and alzheimer’s disease.

  • How should I properly clean the teeth?

Brush the teeth twice a day each time for two minutes. Make sure all three surfaces of the teeth are covered while brushing. Brush in circular motions with a gentle pressure of the hand. Make sure you do not hurt the teeth’ enamel or the gum tissues with the brush bristles. Use fluoride-based toothpaste if your dentist has not prescribed you anything else.  

Book an appointment with our dental hygienist in London for thorough oral checkups and professional teeth cleaning.

It is never too late to start taking care of your dental hygiene and boost oral health.

Look your best, feel your best,
expect the best.


Recent Google Reviews


reviews-starGreat service from the team. Needed some emergency filling and was given same day appointment. The practice is clean and well kept. Dentist and dental nurse were awesome. I will be registering with the practice and use then for my routine check ups and any dental work that needs doing!


Alison A

a month ago


reviews-starOne of the greatest Invisalign provider in London, Dr Pakan was so honest and clear about the cost. I’ve got my Invisalign treatment with monthly plan it was around £25 a month. Reception was great, I was late during my treatment and Suze helped me to get the latest appointment to see the Dr Pakan.


Ali Abbaszadeh

3 months ago


reviews-starI finally completed my treatment plan. So happy with my smile. Dr Pakan was amazing and done the best plan with Invisalign treatment for me. I've got all the payment on monthly basis with 0% APR. I didn't expect the cost to be easier than I thought. Suze was helpful and friendly at the reception.


Ella Daisy

9 months ago


reviews-starI have just finished my Invisalign course with Chatfield Dental Braces. I loved the fact that the braces were invisible and no one at work noticed I was wearing them. It was also very good to be able to take them out for cleaning and eating and for my wedding!


Hannah Jones

3 years ago


reviews-starVery friendly staff and service


jamie seamer

2 Weeks ago

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