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Invisalign for Teens

Get straighter teeth with no metal braces

The best period of one’s life to correct the misaligned teeth is the teenage years since the development of your bones is still happening. But several teenagers do not like the idea of them going to school with “metal mouth” braces. Luckily, Invisalign Teen gives way for teenagers and children to make their teeth straight with a less noticeable material.

In this post, we will give you a detailed explanation of how invisible braces work, and some features of Invisalign Teen that makes this type of system very suitable for teenagers.  You will also be given the prices of this kind of braces in the UK, including some other things you need to consider.

Why get braces as a teenager?

It’s best to treat misaligned teeth during adolescence.

Although getting an orthodontic treatment is never too late for teeth straightening. The best time to start is within the ages of twelve to thirteen. At this time, most, if not all of your adult teeth should have developed, but your facial structure and your jaw bone are still growing. It is easier to reposition the tooth roots at this period compared to when you are an adult. 

There are several benefits of straightening your teeth, and they include:

  • Improvement in the aesthetics of your face
  • More confidence in your smile
  • Reduced chance of harm to misaligned or prominent teeth
  • Easier oral hygiene
  • A better bite for eating and chewing

How does Invisalign Teen braces work?

The Invisalign Teen braces work in a similar way to the Invisalign Full; the only exception is some included features crafted to assist patients who are teenagers.

Stated in a treatment which is personalised, Clear aligners are normally custom made. Patients get one for the lower jaw and one for the upper jaw. They snugly fit into the teeth and put pressure in some particular place to position the teeth to better alignment. 

A new set of aligners is provided by dentists every two weeks.  You are required to go for a checkup every six to ten weeks, given that your teeth respond to treatment as planned. The entire treatment time will be about twelve to eighteen months; this is dependent on what is required to be done.

Aligner braces are being used to straighten crooked teeth, the close gap between teeth,  and treat underbites and overbites.

If the patient only has a little malocclusion, it is possible to complete a treatment course with Invisalign Lite, which is just for a short period. But if the misalignment of the tooth is a little bit severe, then the problem may not be treated with Invisalign braces.

Benefits of invisible braces for teenagers

Removable braces for teenagers denotes a smile with confidence in those necessary photos

Teens who have any special event coming up (like a graduation ball) will grab the chance to have the ability to remove the braces for these kinds of photos. This is also beneficial for sports players who are also quite worried about spoiling their braces when they also reread in action. 

Another advantage of making use of removable aligners is the fact that you can freely eat anything you wish to eat. There are certain restrictions to what you can eat with fixed braces like sticky, chewy, and hard foods simply because of the harm they can cause to these braces. But by using Invisalign Teen, what you need to do is simply remove the aligners and eat like you normally do.

 Anyone who wears this must be sure to clean the aligners and most importantly, their teeth after eating before placing the aligners back. For the treatment to be effective, you should wear your aligners between twenty to twenty-two hours a day.

Special features

Several parents are normally concerned about the given option for their kids to remove their braces; their kid would not wear these braces as much as they should wear them.

This removable teen aligner is made with some cool features so that it will be ideal for young patients, and the features include:

  • Discreet colour indicators display how long an individual wear the aligners.
  • Bluewater indicators which fade over time. This is a guide for dentists and parents to check if the aligners have been worn for the twenty to twenty-two hours, which is required per day.
  • A unique design to give room for new teeth which are still growing
  • About six replacement aligners included for free over the treatment period, in case anyone gets damaged or lost.

These features show that Invisalign Teen is an amazing choice for individuals who need the fantastic benefits of these invisible braces with no need to worry about any potential downside.

What is the cost of Invisalign Teen in the UK?

The price of Invisalign Teen in the UK is around 2,500 to 5,000 pounds., which largely depends on the length and complexity of the required treatment.

Nevertheless, the price of private dental treatment varies from one dentist to another, so you can go to several clinics to check for prices. Almost every dental practice gives payment plans so that you can spread the cost of the treatment of your kid. 

Alternative braces for teenagers

For people below the ages of 18 on the NHS in the UK, regular metal braces can be gotten for free, given that the treatment has been prescribed to them by an orthodontist. In Wales and England, about two hundred thousand teenagers and children receive braces each year. Parents normally have the option to make use of different colour bands to personalise the metal braces.

But if you need braces that are less visible and you don’t want to go for Invisalign,  below are some alternatives you can consider:

Clear braces: Clear braces work in a similar way to the traditional braces,  but the brackets of these are made using clear materials which can blend with the teeth, and this makes these kinds of braces way less obvious.

Ceramic braces: The brackets of these braces are tooth-coloured or clear to also blend with the natural tooth colour of the patient; the wires are of the same colour as the patient’s teeth sometimes.

Lingual braces: These braces are covered on the inner surface of the teeth. They also use wire and metal brackets but are difficult to notice.


If your teen or any youngster around you want their teeth to be straighter without it being visible that you are wearing braces,  the perfect option could be Invisalign Teen.

You don’t need to be worried about “metal mouth” taunts with these type of clear aligners.  There is also the included benefit of unique features and increased comfort specially crafted for teenagers.

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