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Invisalign clear aligner trays allow you to make your teeth straight with no sign of it being visible. This is the reason they are now called “invisible braces.” There are different kinds of Invisalign braces, but this post will focus on “Invisalign Lite.”

These are the features of Invisalign Lite:

  • Quite invisible aligner trays that fit well in the teeth
  • Removable braces which can straighten the teeth in seven months
  • The entire treatment period is about seven months
  • Aligners replaced every fortnight
  • One can remove the trays for cleaning and eating
  • Very good for some moderate and mild tooth alignment issues

Table of contents

  1. What are Invisalign “Invisible Braces” and how does it work?
    • Braces eating restrictions
    • Other types of Invisalign brace
  2. Comparisons between Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Full
  3. Cost of Invisalign Lite cost in the UK?
  4. Alternatives to Invisalign Lite
  5. Conclusion

How do Invisalign “Invisible Braces” work?

These Aligners can be barely noticed

The Aligner tray system from Invisalign which are removable gives you a way to straighten one’s teeth with no need to fix wires and brackets. The pressure is being applied to your teeth with this Aligners in a way which has been carefully planned to move the teeth to the position you desire.

Your Aligners need to be changed every two weeks, and little by little, you will see the difference when you smile. Your dentist will schedule an appointment with you every four to eight weeks so that they can monitor the progress and give you some new set of Aligners. The entire length of your treatment will be determined by how much correction is required for your teeth.

Your treatment will be planned by your dentist after doing so with a thorough examination of your mouth, which includes dental impressions and x-rays. They make use of special software to reveal to you how your teeth should look after treatment; the Aligners are then 3D-printed to perfectly fit your teeth.

One major benefit of invisible braces is the fact that you can remove them for about two to four hours a day. This is mostly to give time for cleaning and eating and also so that you can remove them for big events and important meetings. Removable braces let you floss and brush your teeth just as you normally do.

Braces eating restrictions

You are limited to taking only water while your braces are still on.

You must remove your Aligners anytime you want to eat or drink anything aside from water, and you must clean your Aligners and teeth before you replace them. Although you can drink and eat anything you like (which is not gotten with fixed braces), the regular cleaning can be quite inconvenient.

Types of Invisalign braces

There are four different types of treatment offered by Invalsigh with its invisible aligner trays for patients in the UK, which are the:

  • Invisalign Full
  • Invisalign Teen
  • Invisalign i7
  • Invisalign Lite

Our point of focus in this article will be the Invisalign Lite. Imagine it as an in-between choice for individuals who have complex problems for i7, but do not need the entire twelve to eight months of treatment.

Invisalign Lite versus Full

The three major differences between the Lite and Full are the level of correction which can be achieved, the cost, and the required treatment period. The aligners used are the same.

Invisalign Lite can be normally completed in six to eight months, but Invisalign Full treatment will take an average of between twelve to eighteen months. This decreased treatment period denotes the limited range of issues the braces can cure,  which includes:

  • Little gaps between teeth
  • Mild overcrowding
  • Crooked front teeth
  • A little relapse after former orthodontic treatment

Due to the fact that fewer aligners are required for getting treatment of Invisalign Lite, its price is less than the Full treatment.

With these two types, some small attachments will be placed on your teeth by your dentist in order for you to effectively move your teeth and keep the aligners in place. These are created from a composite which is tooth-coloured and crafted to be as inconspicuous as it can possibly be.

What is the cost of Invisalign Lite in the UK?

The price of Invisalign may be a little bit costlier than traditional braces, but it possesses the advantage of better aesthetics.

An average treatment with Invisalign Lite with a UK dentist cost between £1,800 and £3,500, compared to the price of Invisalign Full, which is £2,500 to £5,500. However, exact costs will vary according to several factors, including the complexity of your treatment, and your dentist’s location and expertise.

We will advise you to get quotes from different clinics anytime you are thinking of doing dental treatment. By doing this, you will find out competitive prices from several clinics, and you’ll go with the provider you are happy with.

You should also ask if it is possible to use a payment plan to spread the cost of treatment – but be careful not to be trapped into paying outrageously high-interest rates.

Nevertheless; do not make this kind of decision all because of the cost. Be sure to check if genuine Invisalign aligners are being sold by your dentist or just another, cheap brand. You should also ask for the pictures of their former patients which show the before and after pictures for you to know the effectiveness of their results.

Lastly, check out precisely what your treatment cost will include. Will you be required to pay more for any aftercare? If you are not happy with the final results, what happens?

Alternatives to Invisalign Lite

Another aligner tray brace brand which is available in the UK is ClearSmile aligner. The main focus of this one is straightening only eight to ten teeth at the front of the mouth, that is the teeth visible the moment you smile.

If you have decided that you will prefer a different style of the brace, another one is the Incognito Lite, which is a lingual brace that is fixed at the back of the six to eight teeth in front of the mouth. This is also good for treating a little misalignment for individuals who want to be more confident when they smile.


Invisalign Lite is an inconspicuous and fast way to treat moderate and minor teeth alignment problems. You could have a smile which is straighter in just seven months. And this is even without any individual being in the know that you have braces on!

There is an obvious appeal to this orthodontic system for adults who have the feeling that those metal braces would affect their professional appearance, or even spoil important events.

Book an appointment with our orthodontist for more information about your dental issue and possible treatment plans by calling 020 71834041 and you will be glad you did.

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