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If you are considering having your teeth straightened using braces, clear braces may be a better choice because they are more subtle and discreet compared to conventional metal braces.

How much do clear braces cost?

Clear fixed braces are more expensive than metal braces because of the advanced materials and technology used. Some people save on the costs by opting for metal braces on their lower teeth (which are not as visible), and clear braces on the more prominent upper teeth.

Approximate cost of clear braces at our Chatfield Dental Braces clinic in London.

BrandApproximate Cost
Damon Clear Braces (fixed aligner)£3,200 – £5,500
ClearSmile braces (fixed aligners)£2,500 – £5,000
Invisalign braces (removable aligners)£1,500 – £5,500
ClearCorrect braces (removable aligners)£1,800 – £4,500
Clearstep braces (removable aligners)£1,500 – £4,500

The price of clear braces varies from one dentist to another and also depends on:

  • The duration of treatment ,
  • How many additional appointments are needed,
  • The complexity of the issue,
  • How many trays are needed overall to adjust your teeth

Your dentist may suggest one or more of these methods, depending on your preferences and budget, as well as your expectations.

At Chatfield Dental Braces, we offer different payment options in order to make getting the smile you want more affordable than ever. Book in for a consultation with one of our highly qualified dentists to take the first step!

Recent Google Reviews

Chatfield braces is a fantastic place to go for your teeth, and I go a great distance to get there. The dentist was extremely comforting, did not humiliate me for my oral health (I had bad experiences) and explained all I needed to know in detail...The rates are reasonable, they do not try to take advantage of you by pressuring you to get extra work done, and I was pleasantly pleased at how painless my fillings were. Overall, it was a positive experience, and I have faith in them. Reception is also a kind and responsible individual, and I loved her attitude.

Ben Stock

2 weeks ago

I had visited some other dentists for consultations about my crooked teeth because although I had been putting it off, I was determined to have them straightened. Chatfield Dental Braces impressed me the most and they explained the treatment very well. The trays were easy to get on with and the treatment has given me my confidence back. I am very pleased.

Lucy Marsh

3 months ago

I just finished my orthodontic treatment with the Chatfield Braces team in London. I had a major problem with spacing in my mouth. I was remembering that I had always had teeth gap. In the beginning, I had a pleasant consultation during which the dentist outlined all of my options. I chose metal braces since they produced the best results and were the quickest. For me it was so important to get result in fastest time. I've been wearing these for over two years. Every month, I had check-up sessions where the dentist explained changes and future choices while taking my viewpoint and expectations into consideration. Throughout the procedure, communication was excellent; I got the impression that I was being well cared for, and that the dentist was doing what was best for me and that my viewpoint was valued.

Crib Jhord

2 weeeks ago

I have spent hours online trying to find an Invisalign provider with flexible payment plans in Battersea, and Chatfield has been the best by far. Their plans with minimum monthly payments helped all our family members get Invisalign at the same time. Because of the pandemic, we didn’t want to visit the office every couple of weeks, so instead our new aligners were delivered to us every time. It makes the whole treatment easier, especially for those of us who work on the weekends. The staff were great too, and never got any of our aligners mixed up, something that I thought was definitely going to happen. Great customer service too, We couldn’t wait to get Invisalign but it didn’t work so well, turns out they weren’t wearing their aligners and the dentist found out and introduced us to Invisalign Teen so they would wear it all the time.

Geord Balot

a month ago

Chatfield braces have been a part of my life for about years and years. I got braces with them around three years ago and am really pleased with the results. Chatfield braces london have remained a component of my oral care since then. Everyone was so professional and polite that the excellent experience starts with a huge smile on your face at reception. They definitely know how to make everything seem so professional and wonderful! My most recent appointment to the hygienist in Chatfield braces was fantastic; I'm really pleased with her job, which left my teeth shining clean! I went to visit the dentist next week. My dentist had the hands of an angel, and I spent hours with her and her nurse. I felt quite relaxed and well-cared for. Thank you to everyone at Chatfield Braces for making coming to the dentist so enjoyable. Especially in these odd times, making us feel safe makes all the difference.

Marlwy Area

3 Weeks ago

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