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Is Invisalign available on the NHS?
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  • Apr 06, 2021

Is Invisalign available on the NHS?

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that involves the use of clear plastic and removable aligners to straighten the teeth. Invisalign has become a common tooth straightening treatment and preferred alternative to traditional braces because it offers a convenient and discreet treatment.

Invisalign also allows people undergoing treatment to eat and drink anything provided you remove the aligners first. It also makes cleaning teeth while undergoing a treatment easy because you can take out your aligners and clean your teeth normally. This Invisalign feature makes it more attractive to most people because they can preserve their oral health while straightening their teeth.

Most persons that want to straighten their teeth with Invisalign are concerned about the cost and want to know whether the NHS funds Invisalign treatment or not.

NHS funding for braces

Funding for dental work on the NHS is usually complicated. NHS funding for dental services or treatment is not available in private clinics.

Orthodontic treatments are available in the NHS, but the treatment aims to improve the patient’s dental health and not the aesthetic of the smile or teeth. NHS funding for dental work is only available for people below 18 who meet the treatment criteria. For persons below 18 to access orthodontic care on the NHS, a dentist will access your need for the treatment using a rating system called Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN).

IOTN grading runs from 1 to 5. If your assessment score is 4 or 5, the NHS will fund your orthodontic treatment, but if your score is 3, your orthodontist will consider the appearance of your teeth to determine if you qualify for NHS funding. If your score is 1 or 2, you won’t be eligible for NHS funding.

NHS Funding for Invisalign

Adults are not eligible for orthodontic care on the NHS, but adults can get approval on a case-by-case basis. Even if you receive NHS funding for orthodontic treatment, it is unlikely that you would get Invisalign in London. Regardless of your age, you can only get traditional metal braces through NHS funding.

NHS provides funding on only metal braces because they effectively straighten the teeth and is more affordable than other orthodontic devices like Invisalign.

Pay for Invisalign privately

Orthodontic treatments are usually expensive, but most private dental clinics try to make these treatments affordable, so they offer a 0% interest payment plan that allows patients to spread their treatment cost over some months.

If you have crooked teeth or bite issues and want to get Invisalign treatment but concerned about the cost, you can schedule a free consultation at Chatfield Braces to discuss a suitable payment plan for Invisalign treatment. Our orthodontist will assess your teeth during your consultation to determine your suitability for Invisalign and discuss your payment options.

At Chatfield Dental Braces, we offer different orthodontic treatment packages that are not available on the NHS. You can contact us now on 020 7183 4041 to get more information about our orthodontic treatment packages.

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Chatfield braces is a fantastic place to go for your teeth, and I go a great distance to get there. The dentist was extremely comforting, did not humiliate me for my oral health (I had bad experiences) and explained all I needed to know in detail...The rates are reasonable, they do not try to take advantage of you by pressuring you to get extra work done, and I was pleasantly pleased at how painless my fillings were. Overall, it was a positive experience, and I have faith in them. Reception is also a kind and responsible individual, and I loved her attitude.

Ben Stock

2 weeks ago

I had visited some other dentists for consultations about my crooked teeth because although I had been putting it off, I was determined to have them straightened. Chatfield Dental Braces impressed me the most and they explained the treatment very well. The trays were easy to get on with and the treatment has given me my confidence back. I am very pleased.

Lucy Marsh

3 months ago

I just finished my orthodontic treatment with the Chatfield Braces team in London. I had a major problem with spacing in my mouth. I was remembering that I had always had teeth gap. In the beginning, I had a pleasant consultation during which the dentist outlined all of my options. I chose metal braces since they produced the best results and were the quickest. For me it was so important to get result in fastest time. I've been wearing these for over two years. Every month, I had check-up sessions where the dentist explained changes and future choices while taking my viewpoint and expectations into consideration. Throughout the procedure, communication was excellent; I got the impression that I was being well cared for, and that the dentist was doing what was best for me and that my viewpoint was valued.

Crib Jhord

2 weeeks ago

I have spent hours online trying to find an Invisalign provider with flexible payment plans in Battersea, and Chatfield has been the best by far. Their plans with minimum monthly payments helped all our family members get Invisalign at the same time. Because of the pandemic, we didn’t want to visit the office every couple of weeks, so instead our new aligners were delivered to us every time. It makes the whole treatment easier, especially for those of us who work on the weekends. The staff were great too, and never got any of our aligners mixed up, something that I thought was definitely going to happen. Great customer service too, We couldn’t wait to get Invisalign but it didn’t work so well, turns out they weren’t wearing their aligners and the dentist found out and introduced us to Invisalign Teen so they would wear it all the time.

Geord Balot

a month ago

Chatfield braces have been a part of my life for about years and years. I got braces with them around three years ago and am really pleased with the results. Chatfield braces london have remained a component of my oral care since then. Everyone was so professional and polite that the excellent experience starts with a huge smile on your face at reception. They definitely know how to make everything seem so professional and wonderful! My most recent appointment to the hygienist in Chatfield braces was fantastic; I'm really pleased with her job, which left my teeth shining clean! I went to visit the dentist next week. My dentist had the hands of an angel, and I spent hours with her and her nurse. I felt quite relaxed and well-cared for. Thank you to everyone at Chatfield Braces for making coming to the dentist so enjoyable. Especially in these odd times, making us feel safe makes all the difference.

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