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Composite Bonding

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Composite Bonding in London

A beautiful smile touches several hearts whether one wants it or not. Smile cheerfully and let the world around you smile as well.

Composite bonding is the perfect solution to repair a cracked or chipped tooth. It is also the obvious choice when you want to change the shape as well as the colour of the teeth. At Chatfield Braces Clinic, we have skilled and experienced dentists to provide patients with one of the best composite bonding treatment in London. As one of our most sought-after oral health procedures, it has helped innumerable people improve the overall appearance of their teeth and the number is still counting. This treatment proves a great booster for one’s confidence level. Just feel free to contact us for a consultation to repair your smile with this treatment.

Dental Composite bonding

Composite Bonding – an introduction

A dentist treating patients with composite bonding treatment describes the procedure as the addition of a tooth-coloured material to improve the size, shape and colour of the teeth. Unlike crowns and veneers, composite bonding treatment is done in just one visit to the practice. Moreover, composite bonding cost is comparatively reasonable than other dental procedures.

The procedure is a conservative way to improve the appearance of the teeth. In simpler words, it is right to say the procedure brings out minimal changes to the existing teeth. It offers impressive and predictable results to ensure the greater value of your hard-earned money.  

No major preparation of the tooth surface is required for this procedure. Thus it gives amazing results while your teeth are subjected to minimal damage compared to other dental procedures. The popularity of composite bonding is rising steadily. At Chatfield Braces Clinic, we possess an impressive track record in improving the appearance of the teeth through this cosmetic dentistry procedure. We preserve pictures both before and after the treatment that you may go through to understand the effectiveness better.

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What composite bonding can do?

Composite bonding can help you with the following:

  • If the teeth are too short, they can expand the length of your teeth.
  • Cover up the flaw of a chipped or cracked tooth.
  • If the teeth are discoloured, the procedure can improve their overall appearance.
  • Fill up the space between the gapped teeth.
  • It can also shield the surface of your tooth root from being exposed by receding gums.

The dental composite bonding procedure

The procedure starts with taking high-quality pictures of your teeth. In the next step, the dentist works out a plan to attain desired treatment results. The basic treatment’s aim is to improve both the functional efficiency and aesthetic appeal of the patient’s tooth. In the next phase, the exact shade of the bonding material is selected that will naturally match the patient’s teeth to create the desired outcome.

Composite Bonding Procedure

Preparing the surface of the tooth for the procedure

The dental composite bonding procedure involves little preparation of the tooth at the beginning. An etching material is first placed on the tooth surface so that the composite bonding material binds well. A minuscule proportion of the natural tissue of the tooth is scraped away. The tooth is then cleaned and polished before the materials are added. Composite bonding teeth resin is applied and then it is moulded to the tooth.    

Then it is left to get hardened using a special type of blue light. It is then polished for a considerable amount of time to bring it to the exact desired shape. The dental composite bonding material must blend smoothly with the tooth surface to look natural. Usually, local anaesthesia or mild numbing agent is applied to the patients before undergoing the procedure although the procedure does not trigger any discomfort or pain. The treatment lasts anywhere between 1 and 3 hours depending on the number of teeth that are being reshaped. 

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Aftercare and risk factors

Dentists treating patients with composite bonding in London over the years explain, the treatment is not only easily available but also one of the most conservative approaches to dental cosmetic enhancement. However, the filling material may wear out more easily compared to restorations like porcelain veneer and dental crowns that are designed at labs. The result of the treatment easily lasts anywhere between 3 and 7 years. After that, it may start looking dull. It may also pick up stains or wear down with time. Based on the condition of the damage you can get it polished or even replaced.   

Composite bonding cost at our clinic

At Chatfield Braces Clinic, Our prices for composite bonding treatment starts from only £220 per tooth. Please feel free to contact us to know more about our prices for this treatment. Our helpdesk team can give you a more detailed insight into the overall process and costs associated with dental composite bonding.

Composite Bonding - Chatfield Dental Braces

Composite bonding Q&A

  • Am I a good candidate for composite bonding?

    This dental cosmetic treatment is ideal for people cutting across age groups. It equally benefits senior citizens, young adults, adolescents and children to enhance the appearance of their smile.
  • Who is the composite bonding treatment ideal for?

    It is ideal for individuals with cracked, crooked, broken, misshapen, stained, uneven and discoloured teeth. In addition to that if you have gaps between adjacent teeth or if your bridges are worn or broken you can go for dental composite bonding to sort out your problem.
  • Does composite bonding look convincingly natural?

    As long as the treatment is provided by a qualified dentist with having specialisation in cosmetic dentistry, composite bonding looks nothing other than a natural cosmetic dental restoration. In other words, practical skill sets matter in this treatment for tooth sculpting and complex veneering that only an expert oral health practitioner possesses. Our team at Chatfield Braces have all the necessary experience and qualification to make sure you get the treatment you desire.

  • What special care does a bonded tooth need?

    Expert dentists providing composite bonding in London suggest avoiding hard items like hard candy and ice cubes. Even nail-biting must be checked to care for your bonded tooth.
  • How painful is the composite bonding treatment?

    You can rest assured that composite bonding is not painful. As such the procedure is carried out without the effect of local anaesthesia.
  • How long does composite bonding last?

    That depends on several factors including the expertise of your dentist, the material used and the quality of treatment aftercare you took. The top-grade bonding materials easily last anywhere between 10 and 15 years and in many cases even longer.

Look your best, feel your best,
expect the best.


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