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Dental Implants

Easily Affordable Dental Implants in London

Chatfield Braces is one of the most reliable places for dental implants in London to substitute your missing teeth. In contrast to the conventional missing teeth solutions, implants not only look but also feel and function like natural teeth. The solution can replace a single tooth as well as multiple teeth in your jaws with equal efficiency. In easier words, this innovative dental technology improves the overall quality of life for people with lost teeth. It not only boosts their confidence to smile heartily but also restores almost all functionalities of natural teeth.

Affordable Dental Implant – Chatfield Dental Braces

Know your implant better

A dental implant has two major parts –

  • An artificial tooth root and
  • A false or prosthetic tooth

The tooth root is the actual dental implant; it is usually made of any biocompatible metal like titanium or zirconia although in many cases ceramic is also used. It has a screw-like structure and is surgically placed into the jawbone. The false prosthetic is placed atop the artificial tooth root to provide the installation a tooth-like appearance.

The screw acts as the root of your missing tooth. The biocompatible components easily integrate with your body. As a result, your eating and chewing go back to their natural state. Teeth implants also contribute to retaining your facial structure, unlike the conventional missing tooth or teeth solutions.

Look your best, feel your best,
expect the best.


Types of dental implants at Chatfield Braces

As one of the most sought-after places for dental implants in London, the Chatfield Braces offers a variety of implant solutions to resolve your problems related to lost teeth.  The solutions include the following:

  • All on 4, All on 6, and Same Day teeth – Each of these options is a complete set of fixed teeth.
  • Implant retained denture – dentures are stabilized or fixed along with implants.

Dental implants benefits

  • Dental implants look just as natural as real teeth. No one will ever know that you are having artificial teeth in your mouth.
  • Implant prosthetics just feel exactly like the natural teeth so much so that those will not affect your speaking or chewing.
  • Compared to the conventional alternatives like dentures and bridges, implants easily last much longer.
  • Implant treatment does not require support from the adjacent teeth on both sides like that in alternative bridges.
  • Unlike conventional teeth loss treatments, it has a much lower rate of loss or disintegration of the jawbone.
  • Dental implants are practically very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Implant-supported prostheses are a secured option that also boosts your confidence level significantly and improves both your overall quality of life and lifestyle.
Dental Implants benefits

Procedure for dental implants in our London practice

At Chatfield Braces, dental implants treatment starts with assessing the quality as well as the quantity of your jawbone. As a prerequisite, you must have sufficient jawbone mass to be eligible for the treatment. It holds the metal screw or implant in place. The treatment starts with taking CT scans and x-rays to assess your jawbone density. When you are judged eligible for the treatment the impressions of your teeth are taken based on which the prosthetic or artificial tooth or teeth is made according to the right shape and size. The core treatment can be broken down into the following three steps.

  • Detailed and careful planning
  • Invasive surgery to place the tooth root into the jawbone and
  • The restoration stage

Step #1 – Detailed and careful planning  

A thorough realistic assessment of your oral anatomy and proper planning based on it are the two crucial factors to make your treatment successful. Usually, the implants are placed into the jawbone under the effect of local anaesthesia. If multiple implants are to be placed in a series then IV Sedation is mostly considered for its longer sedative impact. Sedation enables you to stay relaxed and you may not have total and sequential recollection of the entire treatment procedure. 

Look your best, feel your best,
expect the best.


Step #2 – Invasive surgery

The surgery involves raising a tiny flap of the gum tissue to prepare the bone. When the bone is ready the implant made of biocompatible metal is screwed into the socket. The gum tissues are then stitched over the implant post. These screws come in various shapes and sizes. Technically sound and experienced dental surgeon at our practice selects the right option to fill up the gap left by your lost teeth. However, if you are found to have insufficient gum bone density then a bone grafting may be done before surgically placing the implant post.

Step #3 – Restoration stage

Once the surgery is over the surgical wound has to completely heal and the screw also has to fit properly into the jaw. The overall healing period may take anywhere between 3 and 6 months. Meanwhile, a temporary false tooth is placed to fill up the gap in the mouth. The permanent replacement tooth is attached a top the implant post only after complete healing.

Dental implant treatment aftercare

Taking proper care of teeth implants is no different from that of caring for natural teeth. The following tips will make your task easier.

  • Properly brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Floss daily to remove plaques and trapped food particles in between the teeth.
  • Focus on a healthy and balanced diet throughout the year.
  • Visit your dentist for routine checkups.

In short, you cannot compromise your oral health and hygiene to ensure the extended life of your implant.

Dental Implants Cost – Chatfield Dental Braces

Dental implant cost in our London clinic

At Chatfield braces, we offer one of the most reasonable dental implant costs in London. Both the first and the second stage of the treatment depend on your case. Our dental implants costs begins from only from £1800. However, the cost varies depending on the condition of your jaw bone and the gums. As a thoroughly patient-centric practice, we offer credit at low interest as well as 0% finance option. Please feel free to contact us today!

Why choose us for dental implant treatment in London

  • At Chatfield Braces, we have a robust and dedicated team of qualified and experienced dentists along with friendly and skilled support staff to provide you with the best possible care and treatment.
  • We offer easy treatment plans so that you do not end up with a hole in your pocket while getting the treatment.
  • X-rays and ‘same day treatment’ facilities are available from our experience and thorough experts.
  • Our treatment costs easily fit every budget.

Look your best, feel your best,
expect the best.


Dental implants FAQs

Am I an ideal candidate for an implant procedure?

Yes, surely. Even if your jawbone is in a poor state our experienced dentists at the Chatfield Braces will ensure you are in optimal condition before receiving the implant treatment. We successfully handle a large number of implants patients who have already been refused treatment at other practices. As a part of our dental implants treatment in London, we offer zygomatic implants that are meant for people with the severely damaged jawbone. 

Why do I need an implant?

  • If you have a front tooth or teeth missing and do not want to go for a denture then the implant is your best option to boost appearance.
  • If there are lost teeth at the back then obviously proper chewing is not possible. Implants are the best solution in that scenario.
  • If you do not want to wear a denture, then either crowns, bridges, or dentures, retained by the implant is a feasible solution.

Is dental implants treatment painful?

At Chatfield Braces we possess a successful track record in providing treatment with dental implants in London. Our experienced oral health practitioners work with these patients after sedating them with local anaesthesia. As a matter of fact, a little discomfort, as well as pain, is obvious after the surgical procedure. Little tenderness is also likely the next few days. Most patients admit the procedure was unbelievably easy and pain-free compared to what they expected.

How soon should I get an implant after a tooth loss?

Treatment with a dental implant is a long-drawn process. It may easily last several weeks or even months together. Ideally, you should start the implant treatment procedure as soon as you lose a natural tooth. This will help the jawbone from collapsing. Many patients even need a natural tooth extraction to make room for an implant. As a reasonably cost dental implant center in London, we handle such cases too with our carefully customised treatment plans.

What about implant care and maintenance?

You do need to take care of your implanted tooth or teeth just like the natural ones. Properly brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, provided your dentist has not prescribed anything special. Floss once a day and have an all-around balanced diet throughout the year. See your dentist for routine checkups and have your mouth professionally cleaned at regular intervals. This way you can take the best possible care for your implant.

What is the rate of success for implants treatment at your practice?

At Chatfield Dental, we possess a superb success rate in implant placing. We are confident because we know our trade. Patients come to us from far and near to get the treatment done.

What is the average life of an implant?

A dental implant requires minimal care and maintenance to easily last a lifetime.

Do you want to undergo a dental implant in London? If yes then please feel free to contact us at the Chatfield Braces today!

Recent Google Reviews

Chatfield braces is a fantastic place to go for your teeth, and I go a great distance to get there. The dentist was extremely comforting, did not humiliate me for my oral health (I had bad experiences) and explained all I needed to know in detail...The rates are reasonable, they do not try to take advantage of you by pressuring you to get extra work done, and I was pleasantly pleased at how painless my fillings were. Overall, it was a positive experience, and I have faith in them. Reception is also a kind and responsible individual, and I loved her attitude.

Ben Stock

2 weeks ago

I had visited some other dentists for consultations about my crooked teeth because although I had been putting it off, I was determined to have them straightened. Chatfield Dental Braces impressed me the most and they explained the treatment very well. The trays were easy to get on with and the treatment has given me my confidence back. I am very pleased.

Lucy Marsh

3 months ago

I just finished my orthodontic treatment with the Chatfield Braces team in London. I had a major problem with spacing in my mouth. I was remembering that I had always had teeth gap. In the beginning, I had a pleasant consultation during which the dentist outlined all of my options. I chose metal braces since they produced the best results and were the quickest. For me it was so important to get result in fastest time. I've been wearing these for over two years. Every month, I had check-up sessions where the dentist explained changes and future choices while taking my viewpoint and expectations into consideration. Throughout the procedure, communication was excellent; I got the impression that I was being well cared for, and that the dentist was doing what was best for me and that my viewpoint was valued.

Crib Jhord

2 weeeks ago

I have spent hours online trying to find an Invisalign provider with flexible payment plans in Battersea, and Chatfield has been the best by far. Their plans with minimum monthly payments helped all our family members get Invisalign at the same time. Because of the pandemic, we didn’t want to visit the office every couple of weeks, so instead our new aligners were delivered to us every time. It makes the whole treatment easier, especially for those of us who work on the weekends. The staff were great too, and never got any of our aligners mixed up, something that I thought was definitely going to happen. Great customer service too, We couldn’t wait to get Invisalign but it didn’t work so well, turns out they weren’t wearing their aligners and the dentist found out and introduced us to Invisalign Teen so they would wear it all the time.

Geord Balot

a month ago

Chatfield braces have been a part of my life for about years and years. I got braces with them around three years ago and am really pleased with the results. Chatfield braces london have remained a component of my oral care since then. Everyone was so professional and polite that the excellent experience starts with a huge smile on your face at reception. They definitely know how to make everything seem so professional and wonderful! My most recent appointment to the hygienist in Chatfield braces was fantastic; I'm really pleased with her job, which left my teeth shining clean! I went to visit the dentist next week. My dentist had the hands of an angel, and I spent hours with her and her nurse. I felt quite relaxed and well-cared for. Thank you to everyone at Chatfield Braces for making coming to the dentist so enjoyable. Especially in these odd times, making us feel safe makes all the difference.

Marlwy Area

3 Weeks ago

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