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Myths and Truths about Teeth Whitening Treatment
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  • Nov 14, 2019

Myths and Truths about Teeth Whitening Treatment

In recent years, teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments in not only the UK but around the world. Everyone wants to have a great and while smile, which is the reason behind its extreme popularity amongst people from all genders and age groups. Read on to find out more about the different myths and truths that are surrounding teeth whitening.

Whiter teeth are in fashion these days

That’s true. Well, no one would like to have a darker shade of teeth and most people want to choose a brighter and whiter smile. This is why many brides want to whiten their teeth so that they will match with their wedding gown on the big day. For a gentleman, it is somewhat similar to the white set of teeth with the white shirt.

Other than cosmetic improvement, if there is a visible tooth darkening, that can lower your self-esteem, physical attractiveness and employability.

Teeth whitening can cause damage to your teeth

One of the main concerns most patients have about teeth whitening is if the treatment may be harmful for their oral health.

The procedure provides long term safety for your dental health while not experiencing any damaging side effects that may come as an effect from the treatment. Professional teeth whitening won’t work by stripping any part of the tooth or damaging the enamel. Rather, the ingredients that penetrate the dentine and enamel can brighten the tooth from inside and outside. The dentists will make sure that the whole procedure is carefully completed to ensure your complete safety.

Over the counter kits work well

You need to talk to your dentist before performing teeth whitening to reduce the safety net. Certain ingredients in over-the-counter methods include – abrasives and acids that can damage the teeth.

Some social media influencers endorse to advertise different systems among which most of them are not always prescribed by dental professionals. Some of these are – whitening strips, UV light systems and paint on whitening that is considerably inexpensive but their risk is not considered. Thus, the effectiveness and safety of the procedure is less than that of professional whitening.

You cannot drink tea, coffee and red wine again

The effect of teeth whitening is less likely to last for a long time if you eat, drink or smoke things that might cause stain marks to your teeth. Of course, these stains lead to extrinsic marks that will reduce the brightness of your teeth, however, that doesn’t mean you cannot drink those products. If you want to enjoy the maximum effect, then it is advised to avoid consuming foods and drinks that can cause stains during the course of the treatment. With proper maintenance and seeing your dentist at the teeth whitening clinic in London for routine check-ups, you can get rid of stains and follow whitening advice, as suggested by your dental professional so that you can continue with your normal diet while enjoying a great-looking smile.

Whitening toothpastes will perform their job well

Usually, patients are advised to use fluoridated toothpaste as there are different whitening toothpaste that might be abrasive to the teeth. Once you wear away your tooth, the lost tissue will not grow back. Your toothpaste may help to remove stains from the teeth surface and thus, brighten their appearance.

Your sensitive teeth

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, then teeth whitening may worsen the sensitivity during the course of the treatment. Only because your teeth are sensitive, that does not mean that you cannot get them whitened. The dentist will look out for areas that are at greater risk of sensitivity before starting the treatment on you and then look after them accordingly.

But if you do not have teeth sensitivity, then you will probably experience some form of it during the whitening procedure. This is quite normal and so, you should not worry if you feel some kind of sensitivity. You can just skip a day and allow your teeth some time to recover completely.

Here are some tips to help you overcome teeth sensitivity:

  • Use toothpaste for your sensitivity problem at least 2 weeks before the treatment.
  • Skip a day to allow your teeth to settle down.
  • Desensitising varnishes may be painted onto the teeth to decrease sensitivity.
  • Chew sugar free gums as they can be a good form of distraction.
  • Use a good whitening system that has a formulation in reducing sensitivity.

Getting your teeth whitened with the blue light is quicker

If the dentist suggests, you may use the ‘blue light system’. You can still combine it with a home whitening kit, however, the long-term effect may be reduced. You will need to keep your mouth open for at least an hour and do not allow any saliva to touch your teeth with or without the blue light. Only then, your teeth will appear whiter. In this case, you are dehydrating your teeth, making them appear whiter.

Shopping around for the best deal

The demand for teeth whitening has been increasing over the years. This is a very common dental procedure and many people get excited when they find a great deal. In reality, all whitening gels will whiten your teeth regardless of their price as their core ingredient will be the same. Yes, not all will be exactly the same. They are likely to have minor differences but are all made with the same goal, to whiten teeth.

Coconut oil pulling, bicarbonate soda, charcoal are some effective home remedies.

These have become quite a hot topic in recent years. You will be able to find a lot of promising information online on how great these home remedies are, however, they are unlikely to make your teeth much whiter than just using a normal mouthwash or water.

Bicarbonate soda is an adaptable ingredient that has innumerable usages from kitchen cleaning, cooking to neutralising odors and removing stubborn stains on the carpet. However, it may do a great job for your teeth too by removing coffee or wine stains from the tooth surface like charcoal toothpaste. Also, they are extremely abrasive, meaning that they can wear away your teeth.

Teeth whitening does not last for a long time

Everyone has their own choice of foods and beverages that can cause teeth discoloration and make them appear dull and dark. It is quite easy to keep whitened teeth ‘topped up’ once you custom fit the trays and wear them for one or two nights, or as suggested by your dentist. If you take a regular top up once a month, then this will keep your teeth whiter and brighter for a long time.

Thus, you might be looking for a procedure to regain your gorgeous smile and the myths discussed above can cause a barrier to proceed further. It is advised to talk to your dentist in more detail during your consultations and thorough examinations to know what you can expect from the treatment. You can be assured of having a pleasant trip to the dentist’s local teeth whitening clinic and get back with an attractive smile and whiter teeth.

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