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Common Orthodontic Problems
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  • Sep 18, 2020

Common Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontic problems are referred to as instances where a patient has issues with their teeth; it could be the general appearance of their teeth or an abnormality either with the growth of their teeth or misalignment of their teeth. Every person has teeth that are used for so many things, especially biting and tearing food. Our teeth bite down in a special way which aids in oral health, but we all know our teeth can never be completely perfect, which causes some flaws in our eating habits, talking and aesthetics.

Usually, the most orthodontic problems found amongst patients are malocclusions or bad bites, and these problems usually result from genetics. Apart from genetics, bad bites can be caused by a whole lot of other things such as thumb biting, poor dental hygiene, mouth breathing, the early loss of baby teeth, accidents, trauma, poor nutrition and so much more.

Orthodontic problems are non-selective, meaning they can affect anyone, including adults and children. Parents need to be more alert concerning any dental issue that may arise in their children and if an orthodontist can help correct any problem as early as possible. It is best to detect these dental issues on time to treat them early enough to avoid other issues that may arise as a result of some issues that might not have been detected early enough. These orthodontic problems can affect a patient’s overall appearance by working against them. There have been cases where a lot of patients have lost their self-esteem as a result of these orthodontic problems.

At Chatfield, we take so much pride in making sure our patients can regain their self-esteem by making their smile appear more beautiful than ever. We have experienced dentists and orthodontists that are well experienced and knowledgeable about these orthodontic issues.

There are some common orthodontics problems that parents should detect early enough, these orthodontic problems include

Abnormal eruption

There is an abnormal eruption of a tooth where the tooth erupts or emerges through the gum and at the wrong place. This abnormal eruption usually occurs where there is a blockage which is preventing the tooth from erupting normally (this abnormality can be referred to as an impaction). In this kind of situation, an orthodontic surgery can be carried out on the patient to correct such abnormal growth, by either extracting the blockage to allow space for the impacted teeth to grow normally or the impacted teeth is braced to allow proper alienation to occur.

  • Crossbites

Crossbite is also another common orthodontics problem that occurs in so many patients. It can be said to be crossbite when the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth rather than the outside. This type of orthodontic issue occurs where there is a misalignment in the upper jaws. This can be treated by using a jaw widening appliance called palatal expander (however, this palatal expander can only be used for children, since their jaws are still growing)

  • Overcrowding

Overcrowding is an orthodontic issue that affects over 80% of dental patients. Overcrowding occurs where there is very little space for the teeth to fit within the jaw. This limited space occurs because the teeth are too big for the available space, or the patient’s jaw is too small. The possible solution to treating this type of orthodontic issue may be by removing some teeth to allow space for the teeth to be properly aligned or using a palatal expander to expand the jaws.

  • Excess Spacing

Excessive spacing in the teeth is another common orthodontic problem that occurs in dental patients. This happens where there is a discrepancy between the teeth and jaws of a patient or where a tooth is lost either as a result of an accident or trauma. Having excessive space can result in shifting of the teeth from the original position to misaligned position.

  • Open bite

Open bite occurs in a patient when the patient’s upper and lower teeth do not come together when there is a bite. This type of abnormality can result in tongue thrusting and also results in infantile swallowing pattern.

  • Overbite

This occurs where the upper front teeth bite too low on the lower front teeth that it completely covers the lower tooth which in turn gives the lower teeth no choice but to bite into the roof of the mouth.

  • Overjet

This is a condition whereby the upper teeth extend forward and overlaps the lower front teeth, which protrude too forward — simply put as a horizontal overlap of the front teeth. This could be as a result of genetics or improper jaw development. It can also be as a result of a missing tooth or where there is an improper alignment of the premolars and molars

  • Underbite

Underbite occurs when the lower front teeth bite way too forward over the front teeth that it covers the front teeth completely or partially. This abnormality is mostly caused by improper growth of the lower jaws. Treatment of this abnormality depends on the severity as either treatment may involve using the conventional orthodontics surgery or carrying out a jaw surgery.

It is important that these orthodontic problems be noticed early enough, especially in children. When they are noticed on time in children, it makes it easier for treatment to be done and a faster recovery process. Where these orthodontic problems are diagnosed and treated on time, they help to prevent other serious issues that may arise as a result of not treating these issues.

Parents are advised to pay close attention to their children’s dental health to enable them to detects when there is an abnormal growth in their teeth or misalignment. Apart from children, dental issues can be treated on patients notwithstanding their age. Dental problems, when discovered, should be treated on time to prevent any form of damage to the teeth or the gum, which is why Chatfield is here to help with that.

At Chatfield Dental Braces, our dentists are always available for consultations and proper treatment of orthodontic issues. Feel free to call us on 0207 183 4041 or visit this page for more information, and we would be glad to help out with advice, consultations and possible treatments for that orthodontic issue.

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