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Invisalign Cost

Invisalign treatment cost in the UK

The number of people seeking Invisalign treatment is exponentially rising, but a common question most potential Invisalign patients ask us at Chatfield Dental Braces is 'how much does Invisalign cost in the UK?' Although Invisalign treatment costs vary, you can book a FREE consultation session with our orthodontists at Chatfield Dental Braces, where you will be informed of all the costs of your Invisalign treatment.

What is Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign is a relatively new and innovative option for straightening crooked or misaligned teeth. It involves using series of removable clear aligners, switched every two weeks during the treatment period.

Invisalign is an excellent alternative to using metal brackets and wires, and our orthodontists at Chatfield Dental Braces have carried out this treatment for many patients. Invisalign has transformed millions of smiles worldwide, and you can benefit from this less conspicuous orthodontic treatment.

What is the cost of Invisalign treatment in the UK?

The cost of Invisalign treatment varies between cases, depending on the orthodontist's expertise and several other factors. However, on average, Invisalign treatment costs between £1500 - £5000.

Frontline NHS staff can get up to 10% discount on any of our braces treatments, and we also have special offers on our treatments to make sure they are affordable for everyone.

Specialist orthodontists carry out Invisalign treatment at our dental practice, and they can tell you the cost of any orthodontic treatment you choose after a thorough dental examination.

Some Invisalign providers offer a fixed price for the treatment, but others charge from each treatment stage to the retainer stage. This pricing method makes it more difficult to compare Invisalign costs, so ensure you request a comprehensive quote for your treatment, including the cost of each procedure listed.

Our Invisalign treatment at Chatfield Dental Braces includes the following.

  • Free dental consultation and check-up
  • X-rays, photos, and digital scans if necessary
  • All Invisalign aligners and attachments
  • Interproximal reduction if necessary
  • All appointments during the treatment, including emergency appointments
  • One year aftercare, including a dental check-up
  • Removable and fixed retainers
  • Home teeth whitening kit
  • Teeth contouring and shaping

Before opting for an Invisalign provider, consider the provider's experience and check their reviews online. You can also request to see before and after pictures of their past Invisalign patients.

Our platinum Invisalign provider at Chatfield Dental Braces oversees all our Invisalign treatments.

Invisalign cost guide

The following is a guide outlining the typical cost of Invisalign treatment in the UK.

Invisalign i7 - £1800

This treatment involves:

  • Records- x-rays, photos, and 3D scan
  • 3D virtual treatment (Clincheck)
  • 7 Invisalign aligners in 14 weeks of treatment
  • A refinement for about 14 extra aligners during the initial cost of treatment
  • Three sets of removable Vivera retainers for the lower and upper teeth

Invisalign Lite- £2500

  • Records- x-rays, 3D scan, and photos
  • 3D virtual treatment (Clincheck)
  • 14 aligners for 20 – 28 weeks of treatment
  • A refinement with about 14 extra aligners at the initial treatment
  • Three sets of removable Vivera retainers for the lower and upper teeth

Invisalign Full - £3500

It involves the following.

  • Record- photos, scans, and x-rays
  • 3D virtual treatment (Clincheck)
  • About 25 aligners
  • Three refinements involving extra aligner during the initial treatment or during the treatment
  • Three sets of removable Vivera retainers for the upper and lower teeth

Invisalign financing options

Most Invisalign providers offer payment plans that allow the patients to spread their Invisalign treatment cost over several months. Before your Invisalign treatment, ensure you find a provider that offers a suitable payment plan.

At Chatfield Dental Braces, we offer interest-free Invisalign financing options that allow our patients to deposit from £500 and spread the remaining cost of their treatment over 6 – 18 months. We also have a 60-month payment option that includes interest. You can contact our team to find a payment plan that suits you.

Call us now to get a personalised quote and arrange a free consultation with our experienced orthodontist. Alternatively, you can send your photos to us via email to get a free no-contact estimate for your Invisalign treatment.

Recent Google Reviews

I have been with Chatfield Dental Braces for a course of treatment to straighten my teeth. I had been self-conscious about them for years and even had a course of braces when I was a kid but I removed them early because I could not get on with them. Invisalign is so different! A series of trays and that gently move the teeth into position and that can be taken out for eating and cleaning. They have done a great job on my teeth. :)

Erin Moore

2 weeks ago

I had visited some other dentists for consultations about my crooked teeth because although I had been putting it off, I was determined to have them straightened. Chatfield Dental Braces impressed me the most and they explained the treatment very well. The trays were easy to get on with and the treatment has given me my confidence back. I am very pleased.

Gracie Edwards

a day ago

For many years I had wanted to have my teeth straightened but I just could not face the thought of braces in my mouth. Then I heard about Invisalign and asked my dentist at Chatfield Dental Braces. I was delighted with the fact that the braces cannot be seen and can be removed for eating and cleaning. I am in the middle of the course now and I am already impressed with the result.

Bella Roberts

a month ago

I have just finished my Invisalign course with Chatfield Dental Braces. I loved the fact that the braces were invisible and no one at work noticed I was wearing them. It was also very good to be able to take them out for cleaning and eating and for my wedding!

Hannah Jones

a month ago

The staffs are very helpful and professional. I was suffering from a severe toothache and then my relative suggested me to visit this dental clinic and now my oral health is completely back to normal. This clinic is highly recommended by me.

Anjelina Smith

9 months ago

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