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Dental hygienist in London

You’ve probably heard a lot about how important it is to visit the dental hygienist, but you might not be too sure exactly who they are and what they do.

Dental hygienists- who are they?

Dental hygienists are specialist professionals in preventive dental health care, who work independently or with dentists to provide full oral health care. They provide bespoke oral health advice and are trained to professionally clean your teeth, preventing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Major roles of dental hygienists

There is a general misconception concerning dental hygienists. Some people believe that dental hygienists only cleanpeople’s teeth. However, the duties of a dental hygienist span through many different areas, including oral health screening, specialised advice, and after-care.

Generally, when patients schedule an appointment with a dentist, the dental hygienist examines the patient teeth, while making possible recommendations on the best way to take care of the teeth. Hygienists are not only known for mere flossing and whitening of the teeth; they work closely with the dentists in performing the following roles:

  • Screening of patients

Sometimes, dental hygienists are known to carry out an initial consultation with the patient before they are taken to the dentists. During this process, the hygienists carry out a quick examination to study the overall health of the patient’s teeth. The extent of this screening is often dependent on the patient’s health. This allows the hygienists to check for tooth decay and gum disease, after which the report is sent off to the dentists for a possible diagnosis.

  • Dental education and counselling

Unfortunately, not all patients are adequately informed at an early age on how to take proper care of their teeth. This is where the dental hygienists come in by providing the patient with vital dental education necessary for taking adequate care of their teeth. The hygienist can also help to counsel the patient, as well as to provide the patient with instructions on what he or she can do to avoid specific dental ailments.

  • Taking x-rays and impressions of patients teeth

Dental hygienists can also take the x-rays and impressions of patient’s teeth for making implants, dentures and other oral appliances, which are sent to the dentist for making proper treatment and diagnosis on a specific patients dental health.

  • Treatment of patients

A lot of dental hygienists duty often surrounds the treatment of the specific dental issue. This can include the removal of tartar and plaque from the teeth, treating patients with weak teeth, and applying sealants to damaged teeth. They also carry out the regular cleaning of teeth, while performing a thorough examination on both new and existing patients, to assist the dentists on a suitable solution on delivering the treatment to patients.

Whyshould you visit dental hygienists?

  1. To prevent dental cancer: when you visit a dental hygienist, he can quickly screen you for oral cancer. Oral cancer can easily be treated when detected on time.
  2. To avoid gum disease: gum disease can lead to painful gums, loose teeth and sometimes bad breath, which is why it is essential for early detection. Your hygienist will not just provide a treatment solution for this disease; he will also provide you with the necessary information suitable for preventing the disease.
  3. For a whiter smile: some stains like tea, tobacco, coffee, red wine are not easily removed by brushing alone. However, with the help of your dental hygienist, your perfect white grin can be restored.
  4. Overall health is taken care of: most dental issues like gum disease are sometimes as a result of other health problems, including stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and other respiratory problems. In other words, these health issues can easily be detected through visitations to your dental hygienist and through patient screening.
  5. Keepsyour teeth for a longer time: loss of teeth is often linked to gum disease and improper dental hygiene. Most times, when teeth become incredibly loose, often as a result of gum disease, the effect is wholly discomforting, infected and painful which leaves the patient with no other option than to remove the teeth. All the same, some teeth can become very loose in such a way that they fall on their own. Thus, the role of the dental hygienist is to prevent this from happening, by ensuring early detection of any dental sickness, as well as educating the patient on how to take care of their teeth correctly.

How often should you visit your dental hygienist?

You have probably heard of how crucial it is to get professional teeth cleaning, tailored towards avoiding and reducing the risk of gum disease and other dental problems. But then, an essential question we are often faced with is the number of times we are meant to pay a visit to the dental hygienist.

Well, if you have been maintaining good oral hygiene, and a healthy mouth, your dental hygienist will most likely suggest you go for professional cleaning at least twice a year. In other words, how often you visit the dental hygienist will also depend on the quality of each patient’s oral hygiene.

All that you should expect during your first visit to a dental hygienist.

Well, it is never too late to visit a dental hygienist. Here is all that you need to expect from your first visit to the hygienist:

During your initial consultation, it is essential that your dental hygienist starts by checking your medical history. A dental hygienist will ask questions like the number of times you brush your teeth, what time, cleaning agents you use, and your choice of toothpaste.

With a thorough assessment and examination of your gums and other information collected, the dental hygienists will be able to draw inferences on your overall dental practices as well as other essential things that need to be improved upon. The fact that you have been brushing your teeth does not necessarily mean you have been doing it accurately. It is also proper to ensure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth at the appropriate time of the day. For example, brushing your teeth immediately after eating can quickly soften the enamel, which may result in tooth wear. More so, the type of diet you take have a significant impact on your overall dental health; this is why your hygienist gives you all the necessary advice and information needed to keep proper oral hygiene.

Your dental hygienist may also perform thorough teeth cleaning and whitening during this process. Generally, your appointment with the dental hygienist will last longer if you have gum disease or other dental issues.

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